Post Doctoral Research Opportunities in Malaysia

Scientists from developing countries as well as developed ones can pursue advanced research in advanced pure as applied sciences in Malaysia. There are many post doctoral research fellowships available in this country. There are many opportunities for those who want to conduct specialised post doctoral research as well.

Research Opportunities in Malaysia for Postdoctoral Fellows

TWAS-UPM Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Scientists from developing nations who want to pursue postdoctoral research studies in advanced natural sciences at the Universiti Putra Malaysia can opt for the TWAS-UPM Postdoctoral research fellowship. Students can apply for only one fellowship per annum. With the exception of research collaboration fellowships, fellowship programmes offered by TWAS and OWSD are not mutually inclusive. 

TWAS-UPM postdoctoral fellowships are available in the institutions, labs and departments of University Putra Malyasi/UPM for a minimum of 6 to maximum of 12 months. These are awarded to scientists from developing countries only. UPM provides standard monthly allowance for covering living  and accommodation costs. The language for instruction is English.

Eligibility for the TWAS-UPM Fellowship

Applicants for the fellowships will meet the following criteria:
  • They must be nationals of developing nations other than Malaysia
  • Must not hold visa for permanent or temporary residency in Malaysia/developed country
  • Hold a PhD degree in the field of natural sciences
  • Apply for fellowship within 5 years of obtaining a PhD degree in the field of natural sciences
  • Regular employment in a developing country and research assignment there
  • Official acceptance letter from department/lab/institute at UPM.
  • Financial responsibilities for family members that accompany scientist on study course 
  • Proficiency in English
  • Copy of CV and short write up of research proposal
Application Process for the Scholarship

  • Deadline for the receipt of applications is 15th September of each year
  • Acceptance letter is to be submitted from the UPM department to the TWAS and UPM while applying or by deadline at the latest. Application is likely to be not considered without preliminary acceptance.
  • Referees must also sent signed letters as attachments through email directly to TWAS and UPM. Applicants should also sent the application to both
Through this scholarship, students can get the perfect international experience for completing higher studies in Malaysia. 

Malaysia International Scholarship 

Malaysia International Scholarship is an initiative of the Government of Malaysia. This scholarship is provided for advanced academic studies in Malaysia and the aim is to attract, motivate and retain talented human capital from abroad. International students with excellent academic records and well known co-curricular backgrounds can apply for the scholarship in selected private and public universities. 

Categories of scholarship: This scholarship is divided into post graduate and post doctoral studies.  

Eligibility: For qualifying for MIS, students must not be older than 45 years of age and they must have a minimum of Second Class Upper (Honours) or Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5/4.0 or similar good result at the Master’s degree in similar field for intended PhD studies. For post doctoral programmes, selection will be evaluated on the basis of number of books, publications (whether in peer reviewed/refereed journals) portfolio and patent copyrights. Postdoctoral students must have demonstrable knowledge as well as expertise in the particular research field. 

English  Language Proficiency: Students should also take following English Language Proficiency Test not more than two years prior to the date of application. For IELTS Academic Test, score should be at least 6.5or more. For the TOEFL paper based test, students must score 580 while computer based test score of 230 or internet based test score of 92 will be acceptable too. 

Medical Screening: The medical examination needs to be carried out to certify students are in excellent health. Medical professionals or certified doctors should be able to bear the cost of medical examination.

Research Proposal: Students should compose a proposal relevant to needs and interests of Malaysia in the context of research based programmes. 

Acceptance Letter: Students should also have received the acceptance letter from the university of their choice which they have applied to. Following priority subjects can be considered while pursuing post doctoral studies here: science and engineering, agriculture and fisheries, economics and Islamic finance, information and communication technology, biotechnology, biosecurity, food safety, environmental studies and so on.

High Academic Levels: Applicants must have high level academic achievement and quality of research proposal must be oriented towards advancement of technology and well being. Excellent communication, reading and writing skills in English language are also a must. 

Conditions for the award of the scholarship: Scholarship holders must be those which undertake full time studies for post doctoral studies at Malaysian university campuses. The scholarship holders have to confirm the admission to the universities and must not change their programme during the tenure of the scholarship except with the written permission from their university. Post doctoral students must also abide by the university’s rules, regulations, and codes of conduct. However, postdoctoral students cannot work while they study if they opt for this scholarship programme.

Online Applications: Applications must be made online through the Ministry of Higher Education wherein the passport number or National Identification number, password etc must be provided. Following completion of the online form,submission of relevant documents such as academic transcript and research plans are necessary along with certified copy of English language proficiency certificate. Students should also submit other details such as endorsement forms and letters of recommendation. Students then need to scan the documents and submit the application online. Once students are accepted, they can commence their postdoctoral studies in Malaysia. 

Universities Offering Post-doctoral Courses in Malaysia

Numerous public as well as private universities also offer postdoctoral research opportunities for research scientists. Whether advanced or technical, applied or academic, post doctoral research across a wide gamut of universities is offered at these educational institutions.


Postdoctoral students can pursue a wealth of research opportunities in Malaysia. This region is known for its technological infrastructure and state of the art research facilities and amenities. Malaysia is the top educational hub for international students wanting to pursue PhD programmes here. 
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