Visa and Travel Guidelines for International Students in Malaysia

Visa and Travel Guidelines for International Students in Malaysia
As per the rules and regulations of the Immigration Department of Malaysia, international students must have a Student Pass to study in Malaysia. Government agencies which are responsible include the Malaysian Immigration Department and the international Malaysian diplomatic missions namely Malaysian High Commission/Embassies/Consulates

Visa Requirements for International Students in Malaysia

Student Pass: Visa requirements are clearly outlined for foreign students. Prior to commencing with their studies, students must apply for a Student Pass. Applications for the same are made via the institution granting admission to Education Malaysia. Following successful application for the Student Pass, students get a single entry visa through the Malaysian Embassy or High Commission within their home country. Education Malaysia does not carry out visa processing and the local diplomatic mission is in charge for the same. Entry requirements have been established by the Immigration Department.

Criteria for Foreign Students: The following criteria need to be met by foreign students. Firstly, they should have a study offer from a Malaysian higher educational institution (either private or public). They should also have the financial capacities to pay course fees and other expenses while studying in Malaysia. Students should be in good health and possess outstanding moral character. They should also reside in Malaysia for educational purposes alone.

Student Pass application processing: Student Pass applications are processed through EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) . Following the approval of a student’s application by an educational institution, application can be made for the Student Pass. The documents required for the students should include offer letter from institutions, passport size photo with blue background, copy of passport pages certified in accordance with requirements, academic and other important certificates. 

EMGS Processing: Payment of the EMGS Visa Processing Fee is around RM1,000 while medical screening fee is around RM250. Immigration fees including Student Pass and multiple entry visa fee are also important. Following entry into Malaysia, the original passport has to be submitted to the institution. Medical screening session has to be attended within 7 working days from the date of entry. EMGS or the institution will endorse the Pass once the Medical Screening has been completed.

Student Pass Renewal Process for International Students in Malaysia

Visa and travel requirements for international students in Malaysia
Student Pass renewal: The Student Pass is issued on an annual basis and it can be renewed till course completion. EMGS renews Student Pass each year. Students have to submit their passport to the institution well in time for the application to be made in close to 6 weeks prior to the expiry date of the Student Pass. Failure to do so will lead to fines and imprisonment for overstay by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Conditions for Renewal: Students also have to undergo medical screening every year of renewal.Students should also have 80% attendance record for the current student pass validity period. Academic results of at least CGPA2.0 for the entire length of the current Student Pass validity period is also needed. Students who fail to meet any of these requirements can get a letter of support issued on their behalf by the institution. Processing fee of RM140 is also payable along with fees for Medical Screening, Immigration and Insurance Renewal      

EMGS and Immigration for International Students in Malaysia

EMGS: EMGS charges around RM1000 as processing fee for new or changed applications and RM140 for renewal. EMGS enables institutions and students to make applications for multiple courses and processes student passes on behalf of those applying. Students do not have to make individual applications or approach immigration itself.  

Nature of System: EMGS is currently aiming for a completely digitised and automated system interfacing with government agencies. EMGS processes applications within a period of 2 weeks. Students opt for EMGS to gain access to security and prevent incidence of fraud. Medical screening costs another RM250.

Immigration Fees for Higher Studies in Malaysia

Immigration fees vary from one country to another. It also varies based on applications. Fees required are listed and students can check with the EMGS or institution or the Department of Immigration for the most updated charges. Student Pass costs around RM60 and multiple entry visa fee (amount depending upon country) is added alongside. 

Procedure: The Malaysian Government has a simple entry procedure and it welcomes international students to Malaysia. Students do not need to apply for a visa from a Malaysian embassy in their home country, except for students who hail from China. Visas are issued at arrival in the immigration checkpoint provided valid travel documents and letter of approval for student pass is provided by the Malaysian Immigration. Students from the Peoples’s Republic of China can obtain entry visas from the Malaysian embassies in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou before entering Malaysia.    

Travel and Transport for Students in Malaysia

Airways: Students can reach Malaysia for higher studies via land, sea and air. Direct and transit flights are available from Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines for international students. There are 5 international airports in Malaysia including 3 in Peninsular Malaysia, 1 in Sabah and 1 in Sarawak.Kuala Lumpur International Airport is one of the topmost aviation hubs in Asia. Located at the top of the Peninsular Malaysia southern corridor, this airport  is 50 km away from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Penang International Airport is situated at a distance of 16 km south of Georgetown located in Penang.

Transport Infrastructure: Senai International Airport is situated 30 km away from JB city centre in Senai near Malaysia. Other prominent Malaysian airports include Kuching International Airport, Kota Kinabalu International Airport. This nation has well developed transport systems. Malaysia has also got the best seaports. It has a vast network of tarred roads and rail system linking the Silicon Valley in Malaysia. Its 848 km long North to South expressway is a modern highway which links northern parts of the Peninsular to the southern parts. Public transportation is available and affordable. This comprises buses, taxis and monorail as well as light rail transit.     


Malaysia has excellent infrastructure and transportation systems. Visa processing is extremely simplified here. International students will face no difficulties on any of these scores for pursuing higher studies in Malaysia. The nation also has well developed system of roadways and ports. 

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