Studying and Living in Malaysia

International students in Malaysia can access world class amenities and facilities while pursuing higher studies here. Students can also work while they study. They can learn while they earn and aim for qualifications that will equip them to excel in their professions.

Malaysia offers piped water and electricity supply to urban residential homes as well as rural areas. The metric system of weights and measures is followed here. Electricity is available 24/7 across the country and supply is extremely reliable. Fuel price in Malaysia is one of the lowest in the region. Cost of travelling by car here is affordable. Malaysia has one of the lowest costs of living alongside a high quality of life and modern infrastructure as well as facilities.  

Currencies: Transactions in Malaysia are carried out through use of currency known as Ringgit and Sen, which is equivalent to the US dollars and cents respectively

Housing and Stay: Accommodation is readily available in Malaysia and the higher the budget, the easier it is to land the best. Institutions of higher education provide hostel accommodation and non Malaysian students who are first timers in the nation are given preference. Many different standards of hostel accommodation are available for student living. Students can also share accommodation through private rentals or apartment sharing with peers. Universities as well as colleges help the students to find suitable accommodation.   

Communication Systems: Fixed line, mobile phone networks and broadband internet are readily available via different service providers. Public libraries, schools and universities also provide computers for email and contact purposes. Internet cafes are also readily available for communication.  Public phones take coins or stored value cards, Text messaging and mobile phone calls are also a popular choice with students. Global roaming can be set up on the mobile phone from a student’s country and the prepaid mobile card can either be purchased or an account can be set up with local mobile service providers in the country. Local postal service across Malaysia functions 5 days of the week from 9 to 5. 

Many Internet service providers are available in Malaysia and users can subscribe to internet service account with these operators for dial up/broadband or wireless access. Public places are equipped with internet, email as well as broadband facilities. WiFi services are also available at colleges, restaurants and cafes. 

Medical Services: Medical services can be found in towns as well as cities at government run hospitals and private clinics/hospitals as well. Medical charges and hospitalisation costs at these hospitals are extremely competitive compared to developed nations. Doctors in Malaysia are well equipped with medical expertise. 

Health Insurance: Malaysia has a state-of-the-art healthcare system with a combination of public as well as private clinics and hospitals. In numerous cities and towns, there are a huge number of treatments available including osteopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy. It is mandatory for international students to possess medical insurance and students may be covered if they visit a clinic or hospital which is part of their insurance plan. University campuses also have a student health care centre on site for treatment. 

Work while Studying in Malaysia: International students can only work with the permission of the Department of Immigration. Students without permission regarding this approval will face revocation to their pass if they are found in violation of the rules. Students can work only part time for a maximum of 20 hours in a week during semester breaks or holidays of more than 7 days while pursuing full time studies in Malaysia.

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