Academic Grading System in Malaysia

There is a different academic grading system for different levels of education in different countries. For each of the national level examinations at various  points in the schooling system in Malaysia, a particular system of grading exist. University level grades also differ based on the type of educational institution though most follow a system similar to the US system of grading.

School Level Grading System in Malaysia

Primary school students follow the grading system which is associated with UPSR or Primary School Achievement Test. 
  • When the student obtains marks between 80 and 100, a grade of A and a status of “Pass” is assigned
  • For students scoring between 60-79, a grade of B and a “Pass” status is assigned
  • For marks of 40 to 59, a grade of C and a status of “Pass” is given
  • Marks between 20 to 39 mean a score of D and a status of “Fail”
  • Marks of 1 to 19 mean a grade of E and a status of “Fail”
  • Absentee students or those scoring even lower are also declared failed. 

Lower Secondary School Grading System

For lower secondary school students. forms 1 to 3, the national examination system known as PMR or Lower Secondary Assessment is followed. 
  • Students who score between 80 to 100 in this exam obtain a grade of A and a status of “Pass”
  • Those scoring between 65 and 79 are assigned grade B and declared Pass
  • Students scoring between 40 to 49 obtained a grade D and a “Pass” status
  • Students scoring between 1 to 39 obtain the grade “E” which indicates failure as do all scores below this.

Upper Secondary School Grading System

SPM is the Malaysian Certificate of Education for upper secondary school students. The grading system followed by upper secondary school students (grades 4 to 5) is given below:
  • Marks 90 to 100 : Grade A (Excellent)
  • Marks 80 to 89: Grade A (Excellent)
  • Marks 70 to 79: Grade A- (Brilliant)
  • Marks 65-69: Grade B (Highest Honours)
  • Marks 60 to 64: Grade B (High Honours)
  • Marks 55 to 59: Grade C (Top Honours)
  • Marks 50 to 54: Grade C (Praiseworthy)
  • Marks 45-49: Grade D(Upon Graduation)
  • Marks 40 to 44: Grade E(Pass)
  • Marks 1 to 39: Grade G (Fail)
  • Scores Lower than This: Fail
For Form 6 students who take up the STPM, the following grading system is applicable:
  • Marks from 80 to 100: Grade A with CGPA of 4.00 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 70 to 79: Grade A- with CGPA of 3.67 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 60 to 69: Grade B with CGPA of 3.33 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 55 to 59: Grade B with CGPA of 3.00 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 50 to 54: Grade B- with CGPA of 2.67 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 45 to 49: Grade C with CGPA of 2.33 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 40 to 44: Grade C with CGPA of 2.00 declared “Pass”
  • Marks from 35 to 39: Grade C- with CGPA of 1.67 declared “Partially Pass”
  • Marks from 30 to 34: Grade D with CGPA of 1.33 declared “Partially Pass”
  • Marks from 25 to 29: Grade D with CGPA of 1.00 declared “Partially Pass”
  • Marks from 24 to 0: Grade F declared “Fail” 

Grading System in Higher Education in Malaysia

Malaysian university grades are the same as the US grading system. Many Malaysian institutions do not assign or - grades. Quite specifically, A, A or A- grades are equivalent to Grade A in the US university. Similarly, B , B- or B grades are equivalent to B grade in the Malaysian universities. C, C and C- grades are equal to C grade in US universities. D, D- or D grades are equivalent to D grade in the US. F stands for Failed across Malaysian and US universities.
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